Ode To The Past
Bengaluru-based Khosla Associates design a home that evokes memories of growing up in old Bengaluru, a city of sleepy colonial bungalows, even while it is spatially articulated with the clean modern lines of contemporary architecture.

Tapping Tradition
Chennai-based architects WeBe DesignLab’s interior solutions to a house near the city are at once vibrant, tranquil and modern yet deep-rooted in tradition; and are devised around the client’s collection of art pieces gathered over his many travels.

Lush Life
Pinakin Design LLP sculpts a contemporary vacation home in Alibag, that strikes a natural balance with its bucolic setting. A relaxed vibe permeates the space where graphic elements are embedded within the architecture, and décor is kept to a minimum
Fluid Dimensions
For the office of Delhi-based real estate consultant Cubix, Spaces Architects @ka conceptualised a modern white interior with eye-catching curves. Visual interest abounds at every turn within the fluid layout of this modestly sized 1,200sq ft space.

Playful Gestures
Relocating to Marrakesh on a whim, an American couple bought and refurbished a traditional Moroccan home that was originally a part of a mosque. The home is paved in lively patterns with tiles from Popham Design—a company they founded.

Creative Corners
These eye-catching bookcases, racks, wall shelves and bookends, house your favorite reads in style and add glamour to your décor as well.